Apr 28, 2015

Pray for Nepal - Help after earthquake

Dansk Nepalesisk Selskab - STØT NEPAL 
Jordskælvet i Nepal sidste Lørdag har medført at landet er midt i landet største katastrofe - og har brug for vores fælles hjælp. Mere end 5000 er omkommet og tallet vil kun stige de næste mange dage. Mere end 15 000 er tilskadekommet og vi har kun lige set begyndelsen!! Hvad kommer der til at ske med alle de hjælpeløse børn? Hvad kommer der til at ske med alle hjemløse og alle dem som ikke har rent vand og mad? Hvad kommer der til at ske med dette fantastiske folk og land - hvis vi ikke hjælper?
 Støt Nepal via Dansk Nepalesisk Selskab   STØT via dette link

Apr 8, 2015

News...now I have Update on my Instagram

Much has happened In The past months and much more will happening In the next.
I have been guideing on Aconcagua (6962m) and In Nepal. Climbing new routes and spend some time training In France and some time for preparation to my next Adventures - More about that soon :-)
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Jan 23, 2015

15 years, with the same pants.

I have just lent some old equipment out for the outdoor shop Friluftsland.dk in Copenhagen. Well, I use other brand now but Friluftsland and I will like to tell that good gear can be used almost forever.
Incredible what it actually been involved in :-) I was so young.... :-)
Drop by Friluftsland Copenhagen and see my old smashed equipment and test the new products from brands like The North Face, Arcteryx and Black Diamond ....
Photo of my old gear in action

Jan 21, 2015

Aconcagua again again...

Back from another climb in Argentina....
This time I had a small but very strong team from Denmark, Norway and Sveden - Super cool group. X-mas was on the Mountain and newyear in Mendoza - what more do you need.
Snow and alot of wind the first week or so...those of you who had been there know that Aconcagua without wind just dosen happen :-) Cool mountain and I have alot of good friends there. Good times! We summit the 28. of december in perfekt weather. I think it was my 9 or 10. time on the summit but the view was by far the best ever... check out some of my photos.
10th time on the summit - Photo by Jakob Urth

Sveden and Denmark on the summit - foto jakob Urth

 Friends, rock and sun..

Perfekt weather - Photo by Jakob Urth

Climbing outsite Mendoza - Rikke makes a cool attempt
6b rock outsite Mendoza

Jan 11, 2015

We are all Charlie

 At least 12 people were killed at the Paris headquarters of satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo 

This was an attack on the news media and freedom of expression.

In 2013, 11 climbers were murdered in Nanga Parbat BC. 

R.I.P to all of you

We are all Charlie.